I am currently trialing three services, plus the SafeBetPlan in conjunction with one of them, so these remarks will cover all of them.

The first is WinningSelections from Iain Lewington. This is a straightforward backing service and the selections are delivered the evening before the event takes place, which gives plenty of time to place your bets. The systems/services are tested at level stakes and the bets simulated at whatever level of points are recommended. This service offers bets for many disciplines, this first week we had bets from horse-racing, snooker and football. Unhappily, of 7 bets, none won, a week which Iain acknowledged was a bad run, something which I had already perceived, actually. Since this is a straight backing service, it was the service with which I was running the SafeBetPlan, so once again, all it achieved was to lessen the impact of the losses. A 7 day sample doesnt mean much overall, so I’ll hope for better things next week and move on to the next service.

Losing to Profit.
This is a laying service and selections were delivered before 11am each day. Bets are advised to be placed at BetFair SP with a limit on the odds. I took the odds available on BetFair at the time the selections arrived and Mike, the author, suggests that the results would balance up over time anyway. Once again, however, we hit a poor period where, despite 8 of the 10 bets advised winning for us, we still ended the week down a little on the bank. Still, these are early days and the previous results recorded suggest that there should be a recovery.

PinPoint Lays.
This is, as the name suggests, another laying system, also recommended to have it’s bets placed at BetFair SP, with top odds stated. However, once again, I took the odds available at the time the selections were received, in this case by accessing a members only website with password. There are three possible groups of selections, and there are usually three or four bets per day. They are available on the website by noon each day. Once again, however, it pains me to report that we have suffered a slight loss and have to look forward to better times ahead.

It’s astonishing (is it really?) that whenever we – and I include all of us punters – start to try a service or system, the previously advertised unbroken run of success manages to hit a bad patch. I’ll bet most of you out there have had the same experience, years of profits rolling in before you ever got on board then suddenly, the moment you arrive, the inevitable bad run. We are obviously a bunch of Jonahs, wrecking perfectly good services like a bunch of Visigoths. Never mind, like all of you, I am the eternal optimist, I know I can make this or that or the other work, just let me tweak it a bit. There are good systems and services out there, Ive found two this year myself and anyone of the current trials could be the next. I always hopeful, so on to next week.