In February 2019 I was contacted by a guy by the name of Dwayne Dowman who told me:

“For the past 6 years, I have worked for three of the Uk’s leading FX brokers, leaving as the head of UK business. I ended my institutional career in July 2018 to pursue my own goals of running a successful Forex training group/service. Having witnessed exactly how 96% of retail traders lose money, whilst liaising and working alongside the 4% of winners, there really is no one better placed than me to be able to teach clients how to trade successfully.

I know there is a lot of talk in this world and it is certainly full of both naysayers and also less than straight individuals, which is why I have backed up my claims with a 4 month verified and proofed history of trading my system.

My FX Book

I have witnessed thousands of retail traders blow accounts and use some horrendous techniques whilst trading. I have also witnessed those who know what they are doing return profits consistently. My 3 Phase trading approach creates the foundations necessary to join the elite traders and revoke all common themes of the losing majority.”

I was intrigued enough to arrange a meeting with Dwayne and you can see my short interview with him here:


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Review by Nige

I have been reviewing TIG trading for the past 3 months now having a keen interest in studying the course after being made aware of the verified results that TIG was posting on MyFXBook.

It’s unusual to come across successful FX traders or for that matter successful Forex Services, but 50% return in the first 3 months of the year is something worth having a look at!

The service itself offers a comprehensive course, isolating the key phases of learning to trade forex the TIG way. It doesn’t go into detail about trading platforms, how to use brokerage features or any of that ‘waffle’ that tends to pad out most Forex Manuals or services. However, I am certain Dwayne Dowman (the owner of TIG) wouldn’t hesitate to help if needed.

For a limited number of individuals (and I was one of those), a trade copier/replication service which allows you to see TIG Trading theory literally working (and recoup some of the cost) adding a practical element to the process.

A personal service with a minimum of three remote training sessions are available to all. These one-to-one sessions with Dwayne help to iron out any wrinkles in the learning process along with confirming your application of the taught techniques.

We start from the very beginning where I was invited to the TIG offices in London, where I was able to get first hand insight on the logic behind the success, real life results and mentorship from Dwayne. I could tell from this very moment that his years working for the brokerages gave him a unique insight into the skills possessed by the 5% of profitable traders.

I was amazed by how relaxed he was about open trades, he was able to focus on the teaching even with active positions in the market. The first few months we witnessed extremely kind market conditions where we were able to realise profits extremely quickly whilst maintaining our win percentage above 95%.

Not often do we witness a Forex trading strategy and or service that can consistently generate returns over a prolonged period of testing or review; well with TIG trading this is exactly what I have seen. The trading methodology itself is taught in an online interactive format, where Dwayne personally engages with one-to-one training and teaching. The course can be tackled at your own pace and can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world.

In my opinion, the interactive element of the service makes TIG a unique proposition to any potential buyer. I don’t know of many (if any) other services where the author will take his own time to ensure you fully grasp the trade concepts and methodology before investing your own money into the markets.

I also previously stated that “This course is definitely not the cheapest product on the market at £2,997 but my experience of this world of FX suggest that you get what you pay for, and with the performance that I have witnessed and the verified ‘myfxbook’ longer term profit, I am eager to continue the course with a view to learning the skills myself.”

Now using the benefit of hindsight I can fully stand by my comments made at the start of this review. The knowledge I have gained in these 3 months (which will last me a lifetime) alongside the investment potential (and that of the returns already gained), then for me it is certainly money well spent for any perspective purchaser.

After obtaining the methods behind his trading techniques I can confirm that this is an approach which allows you to be in control of your own time, which is essential to me and enables you to have a good work/life balance.

Month 2 was much of the same, alongside Dwayne’s trade copying service, I continued to make successful entries. Using the core TIG approach I once again made money, entered trades, managed them and then closed them out to generate a successful return.

Month 3-4 really tested both the system and the principles behind TIG’s approach. With fundamental data far more apparent, pushing the markets and indeed the TIG trading strategy into full trade management mode. This is where I really began to see how well Dwayne and the TIG trading strategy copes when things don’t go exactly as planned. What I witnessed and also acted upon was the unique set of trading within the market limitations, whilst managing open positions, limiting risk and of course generating profits.

The last 6 weeks have been the most telling, and above all the most beneficial to my trading journey. The specific reason I have reviewed this strategy over a prolonged period is indeed to encounter a variety of market conditions that will test the resilience of this system and strategy.

In summary, back when starting this review I made the following remarks….’’ The TIG Trading website states that you can double your bank safely with 12 months. I have to be honest; I was sceptical. The FX industry is notoriously muddy waters so I was looking for serious proof.’’

So, 3 months on I can answer this question….absolutely you can see that your capital could double within 12 months by following TIG’s unique trading strategy and techniques.

I can safely say after my 3 month experience with TIG that every penny spent is worth going in to this system. This perspective of the forex markets is effective and adaptable, it is a way to make a consistent income and a skill for life. Not to mention, the gains that I have made by using the trade copier service.


In summary, I opened a live trading account with £5,000 on 8th April 2019 (see previous updates). My account now stands at £6,023.72 – a gain of slightly over 20% in 2 months.

I don’t have the time to apply to the course, I need it to be flexible.
The course is easy to tackle and flexible, the value lies in the one-to-one sessions which Dwayne is happy to schedule at all times of the week. I was astonished when I saw that Dwayne wasn’t constantly checking his active trades – this is something that can be adapted to your daily and weekly patterns.

I’ve never traded Forex before, how do I know this will be for me?
I also hadn’t traded discretionary forex before starting the course and I found that I was able to pick it up very well. The jargon is broken down by TIG and assistance by Dwayne helps to clear up any parts that need more clarity.

I’m unfamiliar with MyFXBook, are these results verified?
The results aren’t only verified by online via MyFXBook, but I myself have witnessed these results in good and bad market conditions.

Forex trading is risky, how can I be sure that I will be preserving my capital?
Capital preservation is the back bone of this approach to trading forex.

Is the course user friendly? How easy did you find it grasp?
I found the course easy to grasp as the content is straight to the point; the trading style is broken down into 3 sections with a good balance of trading theory and practical trading.

TIG transparent trading results

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Verified results compounding £10,000 since October 2018:

Trades: 225
Wins: 187
Losses: 38
Max Drawdown: 20%
Pips Made: 4,799.9
Percentage gain: 122.74%
Monetary gain: £12,274.20

Year to date 2019:

Trades: 125
Wins: 110
Losses: 15
Av Drawdown: 4%
Pips Made: 3,292
Percentage gain: 82.6%
Monetary gain: £10,075.30

Learn the TIG Trading Method Here