I have agreed to review TIG Trading – this is run by a Dwayne Dowman, who has been a head of several leading UK trading desks.

The TIG Trading website states that you can double your bank safely with 12 months.  I have to be honest; I was sceptical.  The FX industry is notoriously muddy waters so I was looking for serious proof. 

I joined his trade copying service literally a calendar month ago (5th March 2019) with a demo MT4 account, having deposited £3,000.  During the month Dwayne has traded just over 30 positions in the FX markets using various major currency pairs.  To my amazement none of these trades have lost.  My account now stands at £3,729.50 with a couple of open positions in small profit.  That’s a gain of 24.3% in one month.  Incredible.  The lot size has only been small (0.15) which is approximately £1 per pip, so the risk that you would automatically associate with such a large reward has not been there. 

I was sent TIGs on-line trading course a couple of weeks ago and this is split into 3 phases.  The information is easy to read and understand for someone with little practical FX knowledge such as myself.  So far I have read Phase 1 and, without giving too many of Dwayne’s secrets away, the content is practical and realistic with a focus on teaching traditional skills so that the reader can learn about what makes the markets move without having a screen full of material that I know can cloud the traders’ judgement. 

This course is definitely not the cheapest product on the market at £2,997 but my experience of this world of FX suggest that you get what you pay for, and with the performance that I have witnessed and the verified ‘myfxbook’ longer term profit, I am eager to continue the course with a view to learning the skills myself. 

I intend to update on here every month with my own development via the training package and the trade copier.

You can get TIG Trading here