I have agreed to review TIG Trading – this is run by a Dwayne Dowman, who has been a head of several leading UK trading desks.

This is my second update, which follows on from the original comments, dated 5th April 2019.

I have continued with the trade copying service and due to the confidence in TIG’s strategy plus the consistent results, I decided to open a real account on 8th April 2019 then deposited £5,000 into it. After taking advice from Dwayne I have kept the lot size small (0.2 which is approximately £1.30 per pip) and during the remainder of April there has been 8 trades completed with 7 in profit – my balance today stands at £5,380.63 with no open positions. That’s a gain of 7.61% in 22 days. Again, highly impressive with no stress whatsoever.

I’m in the process of piecing together the final stages of the online training course which discusses practical trading issues and the psychological elements to making money in the markets. I am using the trade copier alongside the theory presented in the course to develop a better understanding of the TIG trading secrets whilst also profiting from Dwayne’s advice.

The course maintains its consistency, in that it is relatively easy to read and understand. I am confident that once I have mastered the skills required, I will not need to be glued to my screen for hours on end nor have to rely on any kind of copying service.

Dwayne has continually stated that he will not be offering his services to the masses on a trade copier basis but will include this for free for all students of the course. Dwayne’s main focus is to teach clients to make money in the markets, rather than simply copy his trades which makes total sense to me – “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

I am hoping to conclude my full and final review of this service in the coming weeks, with the intention of publishing my results monthly going forward. So far, it stands up to the test of being a profitable system while maintain transparency with Dwayne’s MyFXBook results.

Dwayne’s official results are as follows:

Updated monthly stats (based on compounded balance):
Trades: 22
Wins: 19
Losses: 3
Drawdown: 0%
Pips Made: 666.0
Percentage gain: 11.83%
Monetary gain: £2151.20
Year to date performance (based on compounded balance):
Trades: 104
Wins: 92
Losses: 12
Drawdown: 0%
Pips Made: 2848.70
Percentage gain: 66.7%
Monetary gain: £8135.90
Current customer testimonials below from Cash Master clients (all quotes are evidence via email communication):
“My Demo trade has just netted another 33 points.  That would be 153 points since starting.  I am still refining it and making notes.” – Andy N

“I have 10 trades running, risking 1% each (I hope to do 0.5% when I go live) and I’m currently up by 3%!!!” – Mike O

“So far so good, since opening my MT4 account last week I am up by 1.5%” – Gary O

“I’m up by about 1.7% for the week. Looking good at the moment.” – Steve P

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