Interim Review

This is possibly the quickest and easiest trading system I have used to date, and by the looks of the results so far, one of the most profitable considering the effort involved.

Just to remind you, you get a 74 page manual which is concise and well written. If you have trading experience you need only go to the main system information but if you have no trading experience at all then it covers opening a spread betting account, finding the market, and how to place your trade.

There is no fluff or filler, it’s a good manual, and comes with e-mail support from the author should you have any questions.

On to the system and this is not a new method of trading by any means. I basically had an idea of what it was from reading the sales page and it was exactly as I expected, however the difference here is the particular market we are trading on, the time at which the trade is placed, in this case between 1pm and 1.25pm, and the particular levels the trades are ordered.

And this is the key to the success of this method. The market is chosen for a specific reason, explained in the manual, and the time and levels are also deliberately precise for very good reasons. The logic is sound and therefore all that remained was to test it.

All you have to do is log in to your spread betting platform at some point between 1pm and 1.25pm, check the price on a particular market and place a particular type of trade with a set stop loss and profit target.

The stop loss is always 20 pips and the profit target is between 10 pips and 40 pips and left up to you but comes with a chart showing the results of past trades with various targets, their profits and strike rates.

According to the chart a profit target of 40 pips is more profitable but only has a 41.7% strike rate, whereas a profit target of 10 has an 80% strike rate but less overall profit.

For the sake of simplicity I go for a 3:2 ratio, so a profit target of 30 pips with a 20 pip stop loss. Apparently this has a 53.3% strike rate and if the numbers stack up, should provide a profit over time.

Placing the trades is a piece of cake and over the last few weeks I’ve got it down to less than a minute, logging in to Capital Spreads at 1.00pm and logging out at 1.01pm having completed my ‘work’ for the day.

The trades are left to run, so you end up either winning 30 pips or losing 20 pips (with slight deviations depending on market conditions, slippage etc). There’s no need to monitor the trades or watch charts or anything like that so this really is ideal for busy people that don’t have time to trade. Anyone can spare a minute out of their day.

I’ve even placed trades using the Capital Spreads app on my iPhone when I was out and about. It’s a bit more fiddly but certainly not a problem.

On to the profit. Now, there were some differences in the profit depending on what spread-betting platform was used. I use Capital Spreads and had a losing trade one day when people using ETX had a winner. This was because the trade went to 29 pips in profit on Capital Spreads, then turned the other way and ended up being a loss of 20 pips. Users of ETX, on the other hand, managed to get to the 30 pip profit. On another day, I made the full 30 pips profit on Capital, and some ETX users experienced slippage and only got 13 pips profit.

Different spreadbetting companies will have slight variations in market prices and occasionally this will mean differences in profits, but for the vast majority of time it will be more or less the same.

One thing to note about the above is I was talking about differences in ‘profit’ and that’s one thing that so far stands out about this method… it makes a profit and a pretty good one at that.

In 27 trading days, having spent about 27 minutes ‘working’, I’ve managed a profit of £1,280 trading at £10 a pip. If I had used ETX that would have been a whopping £1,970. (That works out to approximately £3,940 an hour!).

So for now I’m happy to give Time Shift Trader a thumbs up. I will continue to use this system daily and will update this review monthly.

The system comes with a full, no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee.

You can try Time Shift Trader here: