I have been looking at an interesting service that looks at several different service suppliers and claims to compile the best selections from the best services in the UK into one affordable package. The idea is that you get access to tips from services that normally cost £2k-£5k a year, but only pay one monthly fee of £39.95.

The service claims to produce an income of £200-£550 per week. The first month is £20 and comes with £140 worth of bonuses.

The headline is that the trial finished 45.27 points up, but this bears a wee bit more investigation.

Let’s start with the £200-£550 per week claim. If this is based on £10 per point, you are looking at 20 to 55 points per week, and 20 points per week for 13 weeks is 260 points and we are nowhere near this. Even at £25 per point you’d be looking at 104 points. I cannot see, from this trial, that this income claim is justified.

Without exposing the names of the different service suppliers, 47.8 points profit came from one service, this is more or less then entire profit, so the other service suppliers all together are only just breaking even. Further, this supplier supplied just 3 weeks of bets, and this breaks down to week 1: +67, week 2: -20 and week 3: +0.8. Remove that one good week and the picture becomes a great deal less rosey. However, another service contributed 16 points and is turning consistent weekly profit, I can’t tell you which service so please don’t ask.

Normally 47.8 points (£478 profit at £10 per point) would attract an approved status, however, the fact that this profit is based on a single 1.5 point win at 35/1 persuades me to lower the status to neutral.

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