Final Review

This has had amazing results since I started the test a few months ago. Basically it does what it says on the tin, it finds the top batsman who scores the most runs in a series. Out of every series I have had the top batsman for a least one team meaning a profit on the series.  Using just £15 dutching bet on each series winner I have made a profit overall of £70. This is very good when you consider that bets are few and far between each other. Sometimes you can wait months for a qualifying bet but when they do come along they win. I have shown a profit in all of the following series.

England v India

West Indies v Pakistan

Australia v Bangladesh

West Indies v India

Sri Lanka v Australia

What you get for £34 is an easy to read 28 page ebook that simply outlines which matches and how to produce a form card for the series. A form card only takes around 5 minutes to produce then you just place your bets and collect at the end of the series.

As this has produced a profit in every single series that has qualified I would certainly approve this system.

Overall test profit to £15 series bet = +£70

You can get Top Batsman here: