Top Dogs is a greyhound tipping service that costs that costs £39.95 per month.

The service is straight-forward, you receive an email with the selections, and you place the bet. As you can see in the sample below, there is a Minimum Target Odds recommendation, so I recorded performance using that.

This is an example of the selections you receive:

Track: Crayford
Race: 19:07
Trap: 6
Dog: Shotgun Bullet
Stake: 3 points win
Minimum target odds: 1.8

With 66 bets in 13 weeks, this isn’t a service for folks wanting a lot of action. There are many days with no bets at all. This does lead to a problem, as 66 bets is not really enough data on which to form an opinion of the service.

The service ended 34.8 points down, -£348 to our standard £10 per point, to which almost £120 needs to be deducted for subscriptions. Average odds are evens, so we need a long winning run to turn this around. As you can see form the equity chart below, there is little confidence that this will happen. Using Industry SP gives a better performance, adding 18 points, but that assumes that you can get a price better than the advised minimum just before the race starts.

With this level of losses, and acknowledging the small sample caveat, I can only fail this service.

You can get Top Dogs here