This service from the Betting Gods stable claims a profit of 119 points since September 1st, and is simple advice to bet in the football markets. The tips arrive early morning by email, giving the market to bet in, the points to stake, and bookies/prices to take.

Occasionally there may be obscure markets – a bet in the Iranian league was not available on Betfair, but I have found the selections at the quoted prices are generally available. Staking varies, with the back bets so far being 1-10 points but the lay bets obviously vary according to odds, and a 5 point lay at 5.0 in the African Champions League resulted in a loss of 20 points which cancelled out most of the profit from what would have been a decent February. March was a poor month for the service, losing over 40 points. April has finished on a negative note, with two losing lay bets on the final day. Here are the numbers:

Winning bets 151; losing bets 92. Strike rate 62%

Average stake per bet 3.64 points

P/L -60.22 points

It’s unfortunate that we took up the review of this service at the point of a drawdown, and I have no other choice than to fail it on the review period. Having said that, the agency Betting Gods is a top service with full transparency and reasonable rates, and this tipster has made a profit over the football season as a whole, so it’s one to keep an eye on.

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