I have been looking at Top Form racing from the Betting Gods stable. This is a tipster whose services cost £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter.

A full set of results is here: Top Form Racing Results

You receive an email, often the evening before the races, and place bets to the advised number of points. The bets are predominately each-way bets.

Using the advised odds the service finished DOWN 2.37 points, £23.70 at £10 per point, from which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be removed. From the official results the service is up over 97 points though.

From the website the longest losing run is 7.  I didn’t record the number of near misses, but my impression is that with just a wee bit more luck the results of the trial could have been very different.

Because this is Horse Racing based, if you use Bookmakers you are likely to have your accounts limited very quickly, so I recorded results using BSP and this is actually UP 11.5 points (after 5% commission is deducted), so using the exchanges would appear to be a viable option, but you need to place 2 bets (win and place markets). The average advised odds are 7.59, and Betfair prices are higher on longer odds horses which may account for this.

Based on the results of the trial I am going to categorise this a neutral. However, I like that this service works using BSP and would appear to work long-term. The stated 97 points of profit could be on the lower side if the experience of BSP to SP prices I have shown above is repeated over a whole year. Staked properly this could be a useful addition to your portfolio.

You can get Top Form Racing here: Top Form Racing