Earlier this morning, Darren the system administrator of Top Greyhound Tips contacted me to advise that given the disappointing results so far on both the BAGS and NON- BAGS racing selections – he has asked for me to temporarily suspend the review. He suggests that there is a problem with the selection methodology and is not comfortable with charging for the selection service whilst there are these problems. (Historically, he mentions that the worst losing streak in over 1,000 races was 11, but during the review we have exceeded that figure by some margin).

He further advised me that he has refunded subscription payments to all current subscribers and hopes to have the system returned to proftable levels in the very near future. For those interested in keeping tabs on progress as the refinements are made on day by day basis, Darren has set up a mailing list on the website that you can join free of charge.

With such an honest and reasonable request, I am happy to suspend this review until such a time that he is happy with the systems resumed/profitable operation – whereby I plan to review the service again.

At this time, I will give the service a NEUTRAL rating. I look forward to revisiting Top Greyhound Tips in the near future.

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