I have been recording results for all the systems offered for sale through the Top Horse Racing Profits website and also two systems that were spun-off from that site to Gold Horse Racing Riches.

We started with the 5 main system and the other 2 were added on the 10th October.

Dealing with the main 5 first, you can choose to subscribe to any of them or take a heavily discounted group package and get all 5. I cannot recommend joining any as none made any profit whatsover over the course of the month. One concern is that you often get the same selections being made by a few of them and on other occaisions a smallish field will have most of the likely candidates spread across a few of the systems. My biggest niggle  was with the Dazzling Dutches service which included claims of 20+ points profit for the month in the daily email. My findings were very different, I have checked that I was staking these correctly and was indeed staking a total of 1 point across the advised selections as instructed at the start of the trial.

The other 2 systems, sold through the Gold website, had similar concerns hanging over them. Green System did infact make a decent sized points profit on the month (though not nearly as high as claimed in the email) but I wouldn’t have confidence in it performing over a prolonged period. This is because all the profit came from a single day when 2 much higher than average priced horses won. Without either of them the service would have been in minus figures. The average price of all selections for the Green System throughout the month was around 6.2 and the winners came in at approaching twice that price. The Gold System was in negative territory for pretty much the whole trial and was much further down than the email claimed. I did email and ask why these 2 systems’ claims of profits were so very different from my findings after commission (I only started getting the selections on the 10th of the month so there could have been a great start to the month that I missed) and the response I recieved was rather confusing and a little troubling. I was advised that they hadn’t even considered commission and that although they proof at Betfair Sp this is mitigated by taking earlier prices.

Another slight concern is that virtually all selections have been on the flat and the season is now well into it’s winding down phase and the All-Weather just gearing up for the winter season.

If really pushed the best potential of the 7 would be Proven Winners due to the fact that it does at least go for some juicier prices than the others and did actually break even for the month, if you ignore subscription fee.

So I’m afraid this whole raft of systems and services will have to be filed under FAILED.

You can join Top Horse Racing Profits here:

UPDATE May 2012

They have recently changed their website to Racing Masters, but it’s the same outfit.