It was with a bit of a surprise that I realised last week that the trial was about to come to an end.  This may be due to the fact that I have enjoyed trialling the service.  While the enjoyment level of using a service is irrelevant to the results, for me it an important factor – I’m less likely to use a something that is a pain in the (insert appropriate term here) to operate than one that is easy/ enjoyable.

Several emails are sent out each day: one for each service.  All of these arrived in plenty time for the day’s racing.  The emails are no frills, the subject line contains the name of the service (quite handy when one service is for lays and the others are for backs) and the body contains the date, followed by a list of the selections, and that’s it.  For anyone who just wants to place the bets and (hopefully) reap the rewards, this is all that is needed.

Regarding the service itself: this is (currently) four separate services, three backing and one laying.  The two services that were in place at the start of the test (Profitable Lays and In-Form Racing) were both comfortably in profit at the end of the trial. 

From a starting bank of £1000, In-Form Racing finished on £1316.73.  This was using conservative stakes of just 1% of the bank.  With stakes set at 2%, the bank would have increased by almost two thirds.  However, given that this is a system with a relatively low strike rate I would not be comfortable staking more than 2%.

For Profitable Lays I used a £500 starting bank and stakes of £10.  This gave a profit of £136, or an increase in the bank of 27%.  However, some of the selections were at long odds, with two (that I left alone) at over 30.00. At these odds I would be risking 60% of my bank on one selection and I’m not prepared to do that!  There is no way that I would risk anything close to that on one selection.  Nevertheless, the trial has produced a good profit and the way I would get round the long odds is to analyse the results to see if I would be better off laying to a fixed liability, possibly as high as 20% of the starting bank.  If this works, as I expect it would, I can remind myself that patience is a virtue and watch my bank grow slowly and consistently, I hope.  It also means I can dispense with trousers of a certain earthy hue that are required when risking 40% or more of the bank.

I received a few selections for Top Trainers, but that service fell over shortly after the start of the trial, with a loss of £110 from my £1000 bank… and then there were no more emails.

Of the other two services, these only became available over halfway through the trial and there was insufficient time to get anything other than a brief taster.  Overall they produced a net profit of around £37.

In order to avoid confusion and to show the performance of each service in isolation, I used a separate bank for each: five banks in total.  However, other than for trialling purposes, this is not realistic.  With three active backing services and one laying service, I would use two banks.  One bank would be for backs and I would probably set that at either £1000, or £2000.  Given that – taking the three services together – there can be a lot of selections I would probably prefer to set my stakes at one percent of the bank.  The other bank, for lays, would be £500 and I have already commented on my approach.  Had I used two banks I would have increased the size of these from £1500 to 1879 – around 25%.

The profits from this compendium of services may not be staggering, but 25% is a reasonably return and there has never been any sense of being on a roller coaster ride.  Rather, profits have been steady and consistent, with the feeling of confidence this brings.  I feel that £50 per month – provided you take the special offer – for three main services and one bonus service represents very good value. 

I shall recommend to Graham that this is placed on the Approved Services list and I expect to be posting monthly updates on the services.      

You can join Top Racing here: