Over the next month I shall be trialling this service, which combines three subscription services in one: “In Form Racing”, “Profitable Lays” and a bonus service “Top Trainers”.  Two backing and one laying service which, according to the site, are highlighted and promoted from amongst the most profitable and reliable horse racing tipping services and systems.

Results recorded on the site for the backing services show good profits overall, but low strike rates.  This will inevitably mean long losing runs and for these services I will use a £1000 (notional) bank with level stakes of 1% of the starting bank.  The laying service has averaged around 85% over four months, so I will lay to level stakes of £10, using a £500 bank.   

Yesterday was the first day of my subscription and I received one email for each service.  All emails arrived around noon or shortly before and I think this will prove to be normal.  I will post yesterday’s results as soon as I can, but I won’t be able to place any bets tomorrow and will probably include those results in the subsequent post, using Betfair SP for the price.