I have now heard back from the authors about the incorrect screenshot I mentioned in my review. My original email had gone astray and they have assured me they do provide full back up support to customers. I do believe that to be true because, as mentioned in my review, the books have been put together with some serious thought and effort and are not at all like the slapdash rehashes we see all too often so I see no reason why they would not be willing to back it up with some after sales service. They’ve nothing to hide from with this.

It seems that the copy I have for my review is an early copy and that the error I found was also spotted by customers and has since been corrected so the copy you get will not have the incorrect screenshots. As I said in the review, it was far too obvious to be any kind of deception.

Just wanted to clear that up as I do like this product. The methods themselves may not be new to those of us that have seen hundreds of betting products over the years, but they do have some interesting, novel, and sensible filters and stop-loss features and the books are extremely well laid out and easy to follow. I particularly like the Rookie Mistakes parts, I’ve been guilty of pretty much everything in there at one point or another and it’s a nice touch to have them included.

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