This is an updated review for Total Football Trading.

I originally reviewed and Approved this trading package last year (see here) and thought it time I had another look.

This time I’ve been into the members area and had a good look round as well as looking at the manuals.

I must say that I’m still as impressed as I was last year, perhaps even more so. The manuals, that I have as pdf files, are all available on the members website but are really nicely laid out and very easy to access using onscreen tabs to jump to the bits you’re looking for. There’s some very handy links provided to betting resource websites, an area with additional new methods to try, many new videos showing trades and trading software being used live and most impressive of all is the new Members Forum where different trading ideas and products are discussed. This is a great addition as it allows you to kick around ideas and get some advice from like minded punters without any kind of bias.

Just to recap the basic product, what you get for your money is a collection of four ebooks dealing with every kind of football trade you can imagine as well as a section on how to approach trading and betting in general.

As I said in my first review of this product, old hands will have seen a good few of these methods before but the advice about bank management, selection filters, minimising losses, get out strategies and in particular “Rookie Mistakes” are an invaluable guide to novice & intermediate traders and a very welcome refresher course for experts who will always welcome an extra filter. I have re-read these books a few times over the last year and used them as jumping off points for new ideas/strategies of my own. I’m a great believer in cobbling together bits and pieces from things you have available to make something far more interesting than the sum of the parts and these books are great for that sort of thing.

It seems like I rarely get to thoroughly approve systems and services without feeling I have to insert quite a few “Yeah, Buts” in my write up but I do really like this package and at just over £60, (depending on exchange rate) for the ten methods and access to the really impressive Members Area, I consider this excellent value for money. The customer service and interaction parts are faultless too, they seem perfectly happy to guide and advise, standing firmly behind their work.

I may have to go and lay down in a darkened room with a damp cloth across my brow, I’m not used to being nice.

You can get Total Football Trading here: