Week 9 (13 Dec to 18 Dec)

Just to tidy up the stocks that were left open at the end of last week. I do not have any open positions now, and will not start trading again until 10 Jan at the earliest.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This week:

  • 0 new stocks opened, i.e. 0 new trades
  • 6 trades closed
  • No stocks on the watch list
  • No stocks with pending orders

Trades opened and/or closed this week:

Opened Stock Closed Profit
02-Dec JNJ 14-Dec -£ 525.00
02-Dec JNJ 14-Dec -£ 525.00
07-Dec GS 14-Dec £  750.00
07-Dec SPY 15-Dec £  525.00
07-Dec QQQQ 17-Dec £  185.00
07-Dec QQQQ 17-Dec £  185.00

Profit for the weeks is £595.

Overall profit now stands at £17,234.