It’s been over three years since we reviewed this service and I think it’s time to draw your attention to this once again as I think it has to be the best value service I’ve ever seen.

What I mean by this is, you pay a one time payment of £29 and you get the service for life… no monthly subs. What’s clear is that Paul Shires actually makes his living from betting, and not from running the service.

Tradeshark is more of a service than a system. The service provides the basic trading strategies for tennis, daily tips and advice on which matches are suitable and real time support through the chatroom (or through skype).

There is a website, a forum, a blog and and a chatroom. Paul is always willing to provide help and answers e-mails immediately with detalied answers. What I also like about Paul is that he treats you like a fellow trader. He lets you know what he is trading and how he is performing on a particular match.

It is refreshing to have a service where you have so much access to the owner and where there is no hype, just plain talk about tennis trading. For £29 you gain lifetime membership which gives you access to all of the support I have mentioned. This is extremely good value. You are also joining a tennis trading community where thoughts and ideas are exchanged by tennis traders around the world.

Tradeshark has recently updated the website and revised most of the trading strategies.

The guide is constantly updated to match the current market conditions. There is also a new section on cricket trading.

His Twitter presence is approaching 2500 followers and he also won an award last year for best trading service.

He is also highly regarded by Tony ‘the Badger’ Hargraves, and on one of his seminars that I attended recently, Tony couldn’t recommend him enough!Approved2

If you want to learn how to make money from tennis (or cricket) trading, then the best thing you can do is have a look at this: