Well it’s another beautiful day here in sunny Cape Town and I have been enjoying strolling around in shorts and t-shirt with factor 30 on my bonce. I wasn’t planning on doing any ‘work’ whilst away but I couldn’t resist checking in to see how Pappa C has been getting on this week.

Anyone that knows anything about trading knows that you don’t trade forex at this time of year because the markets are just too unpredictable. Well, Pappa C is a renegade and does just about the opposite of what everyone else does when it comes to trading, and since 85% of people lose money at trading I guess that’s why.

So how did he get on in the first week?

He made over 200 points profit, or over two thousand pounds at ten pounds a point. So that just goes to show he certainly brings home the bacon when everyone else has called it a day.

Like all trading, it was up and down, and there were a couple of poor days during the week. Monday and Tuesday were pretty straightforward, Wednesday and Thursday were losing days, and Friday brought it right back with over 100 pips in the day. The net result being another week of healthy profits.

Paul has a few places left and mentioned that he will be taking down the link to join very soon as he is nearing capacity.

If you want to get involved and make some serious money before Christmas then come and join everyone in the trading room on Monday and see why everyone is raving about it.

You can join here:

Right, I’m off to do some cage diving with sharks!

Have a great Christmas and New Year!