I’ve decided to do a one off review of this software as it’s not a system or service that provides daily selections to bet on, rather it’s a unique and very clever trading tool that can be used by anyone whenever they like to spot perfect opportunities for ‘trading the horses’.

What it does is monitor the win market prices on each race throughout the day, and using clever mathematics, work out what the place market price should be now. It then shows its predicted place market price next to the actual place market price and where you see a discrepancy, you can trade that particular horse with a good degree of confidence that the price will move in the direction indicated by the software.

For example, you load a race up and see that it’s predicting the place market price to be 3.0 on a particular horse, but the actual price is 2.6. You can then go and lay that horse at 2.6, wait a little while, and watch the price drift up towards the predicted price of 3.0. At this point you then back the horse for a completely risk free bet, or you can green up for a profit regardless of the outcome. If you use betting software to place your bets for you, this is really simple to do, but it’s easy enough to place risk free bets just within the main Betfair interface too.

You can of course do it the other way too, when you spot the predicted price is lower than the actual price, you just back that selection, wait for the price to fall, and lay it off for a risk free profit.

This really is brilliant bit of kit for experienced traders and newbie’s too. The biggest problem traders’ face is trying to predict which way the market is going to move to enable a profit, and this software seems to do it with uncanny success.

It’s really easy to use too, with a clear, simple interface, a few clicks of a mouse and no noise or distractions. You can use the settings to filter min/max matched in win or place market, number of runners, steam or drift percentage in the last 10 minutes, or you can set it to ignore certain tracks or events etc.

There is a suite of training videos and a few suggested strategies for you to have a play with too.

I had a play with this yesterday and won every race simply by trading out for a risk free profit, often covering two selections in each race. I did this without even watching the training videos as it was easy enough to work out what to do.

This is one of those services where you really need to have a go for yourself to see if it’s something you think would be useful to you, and they’ve made that really easy by giving you two weeks access for just £20 so I really do recommend giving it a go. If you’re already an experienced trader you may well find this makes your trading a whole lot easier, and if you’ve never tried it before then you’re in for a treat because this is the easiest tool I’ve used to date for trading on Betfair.Approved2

You can try Trading the Horses for just £20 here: