I’m calling a slightly premature end to the trial of Trainer Flat Stats 2008 (we completed almost one month’s trial) as I have just found out that the author has decided to take this system off sale on Sunday night/Monday morning.

This is a reflection of two things:

  1. Another group has posted the download link for the eBook on the Internet (now removed).
  2. Matt has always only had his systems on sale for a limited period of time (unlike most marketing campaigns that pretend that the price is going up or the system is being withdrawn on a certain date, Matt actually does take his systems down).

As such, you only have a very limited time to get hold of the eBook – so act quickly if you are so inclined.

I have been very pleased with both the Trainer Flat Stats 2008 and Trainer Track Stats eBooks. Both consist of a significant amount of research that helps to hone in on the correct trainers, races and conditions for reach racing track in the UK.

The systems are easy to use and it takes only a few minutes every day to determine the list of selections. The system produces a steady stream of selections, which can range from odds on, right up to 14/1.

Staking is simple as a level staking plan is used.

I have found during the course of the trial, that my selections differ slightly from those posted on the official results site. This is because the official results exclude any horses with an SP greater than 14/1 whereas, in reality, some of these horses can qualify as their odds are within the required range before the off. So, if you want to replicate the official results you should place your bets as close to the off as possible.

As with any system which uses past statistics to help predict the future, you cannot expect every selection to be a winner; but, over the course of the last month, both systems have produced some good, high-priced winners and both systems end the trial in profit.

Both systems get the thumbs up from me.

If you miss the opportunity to get your hands on Trainer Flat Stats 2008 this time round, I would watch out for the 2009 version. Similarly, you can’t actually buy Trainer Track Stats at the moment as we approach the end of the NH season, so you will have to wait for the 2008/2009 version to appear.