This month I will be trying my hand at a horse backing system – Trainer Flat Stats 2008.

This eBook contains a statistical analysis of flat racing courses and trainers, and uses that to help you pick out your horses for the day. To help you plan your betting, the eBook also contains the dates that each course is holding race meetings.

The eBook is over 100 pages long, but the system is very simple and easy to implement, with only a few checks to make each day.

Wherever work commitments permit I will try to post the day’s selections in advance.

The eBook suggests a starting bank of 50 points. For the trial, I will assume a starting bank of £500, giving a stake of £10 per race. I will also list the odds that I managed to get when placing the bet, as well as the SP. P/L will be worked out on the basis of the odds that I managed to obtain.

Selections for 2nd April 2008

No bets

Starting bank: £500.00
Current bank: £500.00
P/L:  £0.00