The jumps season is just around the corner and that means different horses, trainers, jockeys and courses to get to grips with… which is a lot.

Luckily, I know someone who has already done the legwork and come up with 73 profit-pulling pointers ready for you to put straight to work.

They’re in a short report which contains only the ‘juice’ – no fluff. Better still, you can access it for no charge below.

The report reveals a group of jump trainers who excel at certain courses under certain conditions. And, over the past five seasons, they’ve collectively secured betting profits of £31,743 to £20 stakes… at starting price!

You may have heard of it; you’ve quite possibly bought it in the past (it has sold close to half a million pounds’ worth of copies across 15 years, and had a cover price of £57).

The guide is called TrainerTrackStats (TTS) and this year’s edition, volume 16, is available for a very limited time for free. Download your copy below.

If you, like me, could use a leg up for the upcoming jump season, TTS is a pogo-stick boing up! You’ll have just a couple or three potential bets each day, and they can be found in literally a couple of minutes. No fuss or faff. Oh, and these guys and girls are serious players at their chosen tracks and under specific conditions.

Click below now to claim your free copy of TrainerTrackStats 2022/23 and start putting it to work for you.

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