This is a tipping service by Mark Foley and is based on his study of trainers and their habits.

I’ve been following the selections for over three and a half months since the start of the Flat season.

You get a daily e-mail, or you can login to the members area for the info, and it makes for an interesting read.

Mark will briefly describe which trainers he’s looking at that day and which horses are of interest. He then highlights his specific selections and then explains why he’s selected them.

You can of course just get the selections and place your bets, but for those that have an interest in horse racing other than just to make money, this adds an extra dimension that enhances the experience.

Some days there can be quite a few bets as you seem to back all the horses by a particular trainer, and so you can be backing ten, sometimes fifteen horses on any given day. Other days there may be only one or two. The vast majority of bets are simply 1 point to win but there have been two or three that were half a point each way.

The results in the first month were extremely impressive with nearly 50 points profit to 1 point level stakes at SP, up to 11th May. Had you got early prices, a much nicer profit would have been achievable.

The following two months were less impressive, gaining only another 7 points in total, but I’d rather drift sideways than go into deficit.

Based on an impressive profit of 57 points over the three month period (or more had you got early prices) this has to go into the Approved section. I will keep an eye on this service and report longer term results throughout the year.

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