You probably hear it all the time, ‘download your free guide now’, ‘get your free betting manual here’, ‘free tips available here’ etc. etc. But ‘free’ isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes there are hidden catches (sign up and only the first month is free), sometimes the free doesn’t give you the full version and sometimes what you get for free isn’t even worth the nothing you paid for it!

So it’s really great to see a FREE offer that is just that. 100% FREE with no catch, the full version and a product that you’d happily pay money for if it wasn’t being given away for FREE!

That’s exactly what you get with Gavin Priestley’s brand new Trainers to Follow guide for the All Weather.

It’s the full version 13 page Guide crammed full with 18 highly profitable Trainer Systems to Follow (covering all 6 UK AW tracks from October 1st -December 31st) AND the daily selections worked out for you and delivered straight to your email inbox each evening.

Everything is included and everything is 100% FREE. It’s a one of a kind offer that’s not to be missed.

Find out which ‘BIG’ name trainer boasts an incredible 61% strike rate with his handicappers whilst making big profits for those in the know, or which trainer uses a certain jockey very selectively for his all weather runners and, together their last 12 runners, have finished 181121116315.

You’ll get the names of these two trainers plus another 16 similarly successful Trainer Systems (along with a FREE daily selection email) with no payment details required and no membership needed.

A genuine no strings, fantastic free offer, just as it should be.

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