Most people who have been following the trial of this service will no doubt be rather surprised to see a final review at this early stage. Unfortunately it appears that the service is “suspended until further notice”.

I have to say that there has been an air of unprofessionalism surrounding this service from the start. A quick visit to the website revealed a number of broken links – not a great first impression. The daily emails that were sent each morning (until they abruptly stopped last week without notice) were from a Google email account of someone called “Steve”, although the person actually sending them was calling himself “Paul”. A few days into blogging this service I was contacted by Paul and asked to restart the trial as they were not happy with the way that the service was structured. This in itself set alarm bells ringing as it suggested that they had launched themselves healdlong into running a service without really planning how they were going to do it. Nevertheless I gave them the benefit of the doubt and continued as asked.

Things continued for another couple of weeks until the daily emails mysteriously stopped arriving. I initially thought that this may have just been because there were no signals/trades to report (which would have been fair enough for this type of service). I decided to contact Paul just to be on the safe side, and this is when I was told that the service had been suspended until further notice.

The results of the short-lived trial showed a loss of around 6% of the starting bank of £5000, which to be fair is not really something that can be used to draw any meaningful conclusions from in terms of overall profitability. I would suggest a couple of months monitoring at the very least for this type of forex trading approach, which was my initial intention. Paul himself always responded to emails quickly, however I cannot help but thinking that they rushed into setting up this service without a clear plan of action. Maybe going back to the drawing board and re-evaluating what went wrong could lead to a successful service being launched it the future.

Unfortunately, as a result of my experiences with this service I have to consign it to the “Failed Systems” list.

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