I’ve had plenty of discussion with the owner of this service about how results are presented. From this week, I am happy that the results are fair and will reflect a true picture of what a subscriber to the service can expect to achieve by using it. There was some confusion previously about extra bets (forecasts, tricasts, and cross-multiples) and I have been recording these results for my final review in January.

There was also a grey area about when to back to win, and when each way. My results up to the end of November will include half stakes each win and place for runners @ 20/1 and bigger. From now, it will be winners only. This won’t make a significant difference to the results.

The official results since my review began on October 6th are +2.7 points profit. For the whole year, though, it’s a 385 point profit. Actually breaking even for a while is no bad thing, what you’re really waiting for is the very big priced winners, and these do happen fairly regularly.

My results aren’t as good, because I record all results to BSP and to ISP. My BSP results are -3.12, which is only 6 points behind the official stats, and my ISP results are -42 points. The forecasts and tricasts may be significant in my final report as they have been a boost, but they also can spoil an otherwise good day. We’ll wait for the full three months .

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