I enthusiastically volunteered to review this service, given the results from November 1st 2022 until my review began on 18th April this year, at which point it had made 462 points profit at BOG and 350 points at BSP after 157 bets. The first thing I look at here is the staking, and most of these bets are recommended at 3, 4 or 5 points. I always want to know what the results look like at 1 point single staking, but even 70 points profit after 157 bets piques my interest.

Here’s the sales pitch:

This is so easy to do that even a novice punter could place these bets in just a few minutes. Set the bets then go about your normal daily business. It’s that simple! I have an excellent record to prove it and very soon you’ll be betting on virtual auto-pilot too 

I can make YOU a winner!

There are five key factors that bring me success…

1. Discipline

2. Dedication

3. Mindset

4. Selectivity

5. Experience

I am selective and very profitable over all racing codes, National Hunt, Flat and the All Weather!

What Can My Triple Crown Racing Service Offer You?

– 11 years learning the ropes to become a better punter

– 10 years as a betting professional

– 21 years overall betting experience

– Bets sent by 10.30am every morning

– Win and each way bets

– A 56% winning strike rate

– A huge 76% return on investment

– £2,285 a month to £25 per point bets

– Profitable to BOG, Betfair SP and SP

– Business like approach

– Investment Plan to follow Turn £25 per point bets into £33,147 plus

– Full advice and support when you need it

I will give you everything you need to start making exceptional long-term profits from your betting!

Including my Ultimate Staking Plan that has turned £5,000 into £33,000 in just 5 months!”

Now of course my trial is our standard 3 months, and all tipping services can, and do, have their downsides. With average odds of 3.5, these shouldn’t be long downsides, but the mathematics says it will happen. However, if you look at the graph, it seems I managed to find the exact point not to join! The green line shows the results BEFORE my trial, the red is the three month trial in full. This does seem to happen to me quite often, and I blog from a punter’s point of view, so I’m sure many readers will be very familiar with these circumstances.

The service is easy enough to follow, and can be used for Betfair as well as BOG bookies. There are usually a bet a day, occasionally two, and these are mostly straight win bets, though we did have three each way bets, none of which showed a return. For me, the service started getting frustrating when two-year-olds were targeted, which resulted in a bit of a losing run. These are not races which I would bet on myself, given the lack of form..

The numbers

Bets: 71

Winners: 21

Losers: 49

Void: 1

Points staked: 262

Average odds:3.56

Strike rate: 30%

Profit/loss to recommended stakes: -51 points

Profit/loss to BSP: -16 points

Longest winning run: 3

Longest losing run: 7

ROI: -20%

To me this looks like a service which can recover. It’s never been long away from a win. And even though I’m failing it, that’s based on the three months of the trial. I wouldn’t fail it if I’d been on board from the start, but that’s the vagary of being a punter.

You can try Triple Crown Racing here