Hi I have finally got my act together after a very busy summer.

I have been receiving the Triple H Horseracing selections since the 21st May 2012 and recording all the selections that I have obtained myself using the selection method that comes as a password encrypted pdf and the selections received from the subscription service. The selection rules provide horses that are to be backed to win or place in UK handicap races. The method is promoted by Steve Davidson but is written by a an unknown person called Zen based in Asia. The method can be purchased for a one off fee of £69.95. The subscription service costs £30 per month or £99 for 3 months if you don’t purchase the system or £70 for 3 months if you purchase the pdf. This would seem irrational as who would buy the pdf then subscribe to the selections, well this was one of my first issues upon reading the system. It can take up to ninety minutes to work through a days race card and still find no selections after spending this time looking for bets to place. The second issue that worried me before beginning the trial was the way the system works and the issues that brings with Bookmakers and restricted accounts. The Bookmakers seem ever more reluctant to allow winning accounts to run for any length of time, especially some of the newer Bookies and they unfortunately often offer the best odds.

The selection method is a variant on a well known angle that requires a comparison between Betfair and Bookmakers odds with additional criteria that have to be met for it to be a selection. The selections can generate two different sets of results due to looking at different class of handicap races. I monitored the selections exactly the same way as the subscription service provided so that I could determine that the results were genuine and reproducible. There is also two ways of staking, a level staking and a staking plan. I have recorded results using both methods.

I will give a full break down of the results obtained so far later today, I plan to continue the trial on the blog for a further month so that people can get a feel for the number of selections each day and the sort of odds you would be backing at.