I have an update for the Triple H horseracing system. Below are the results obtained since the beginning of June.

Staking Plan      Level Stakes

Jun-12 61.65 1.15
Jul-12 167.15 78.35
Aug-12 74.75 33.05
Sep-12 6.60 -5.40
Oct-12 1.00 3.00
 Total 311.15 110.15


I can confirm that my results match those provided by Zen, who runs the service.


As you can see there has been some very profitable months. September was difficult and there has been a real lack of winners since the start of September, which you would hope will improve over the coming weeks. There are two sets of reults, staking plan and level stakes. The staking plan is more profitable, but more complex to operate as the stakes can vary from 1 point to 5 points. However, level staking also fairs well .


The staking plan does give a better return on investment of 50.02% compared to 44.41% for level staking. The improvement on ROI is not as large as you would expect for a staking plan and most people may find the level staking plan easier to operate and less volatile with lower drawdowns of your betting bank during bad spells.