TTT System Closing Review

Due to an imminent holiday to Spain this review is being closed a few days early.

Lets start with the downsides! There are no filters for race selection, so to operate the system you have to evaluate each race. You need to follow the live prices, so you cannot make selections in advance. This could lead to very long days, 7 to 8 hours of racing.

You need to evaluate each horse, however, with practice it is very easy to quickly dismiss most horses in many races, leaving a handful to concentrate on.

You need to memorise a table of 19 odds. To be fair, this sounds daunting, but, with a little practice I found myself referring to my crib list less and less often.

You need up to date prices. Hence you have 3 options: 1) use Betfair, this is possible but you will need to convert the odds to comply with the odds table memorised above and as Betfair usually have higher prices you will have slightly fewer qualifying bets ; 2) use SportingLife LiveShows, however this does lag and may not be accurate at the time you need to place your bets, even with this handicap this is what I used to run the trial; 3) watch TV feeds, which either means a Sky AND Setanta subscription or up to 8 hours a day in a betting shop.

Upsides? Erm… Well looking to scrape the bottom of the barrel, as there arent many. The system is fairly easy to follow. The system did achieve a high Strike Rate, which just shows how mis-leading that stat can be!

In short, I found this a rather complicated system to follow. I wrote a little bot to help me record the data for the system, which helped enormously. However, as the system didnt achieve a profit, and with what I perceive as hefty negatives, I cannot recommend this system. On the other hand, the system did not make a huge loss either and it might just be we had a set of unlucky results. So I categorise this as neutral but leaning towards rejected. I will not be adding this to my portfolio of betting systems.

You can get TTT System here: