I’ve been following the Tyche Windfall system for exactly 3 months today, so I thought it would be useful to give an interim review of progress to date.

The Tyche Windfall System comes from the TAPS (The Alternative Punters Syndicate) stable and is published with a full set of results to date. The TAPS team are so confident in their results that they have even posted a £1000 reward for anyone who can find fault with them!

The system comes as a protected eBook. Initially the system seems quite complicated but as you get used to the selection criteria, it doesn’t take long to locate each day’s selections. For those of us who are strapped for time, you can also subscribe to an email tipping service that provides the tips on a daily basis.

I started the test on the 12th January with a bank of £500. Since that date, the system has provided 100 bets, of which 33 have won and 60 have lost (7 were non-runners). The 33 winners have produced a profit to date of £246.06 based on an initial stake of £20 and using a ratcheted % staking plan. The bank has increased the bank by just under 50%, and ROI is a healthy 9.4%. So, the system certainly appears to be showing a steady return.

I’m informed by TAPS that the flat season is where the Tyche Windfall system comes into it’s own so, based on results so far, we can hope for an even better return over the coming months.

Out of completeness, I should report that I have also been following the associated Chrysos system, for which tips are provided only to those subscribers to the tipping line. Unfortunately the results so far have not been so good, with a loss of £286.26 being reported over the same three month period. Let’s hope that this system picks up over the coming months.

In summary, it is definitely so far so good and I am awarding the Tyche Windfall system an interim status of APPROVED. I’ll continue to monitor the system for the next couple of months.

You can get Tyche Windfall here: