This is a one off review for UK Horse In February, Arthur started a review, but was requested, by Sid, the proprietor, to trade the selections manually, rather than using the automated facility provided to members, with the guidelines advised on the members’ website. Arthur stopped the review at this point, as he was unable to allocate the time needed on a daily basis.

I asked Graham if I could have a look at what was required, as I am in a position to do things live.

I have spent a fair amount of time looking over the members’ website at UK Horse over the couple of days or so, together with the instructions that are shown.

On Thursday of last week, there was a total of 51 selections from four meetings, and 27 races. Thanks to only two meetings in the afternoon, races in the main were fifteen minutes apart. For the vast majority of the time, there were two selections in each race.

When I looked at Saturday’s cards, there were five meetings in total, with a total of some 35 races, with the potential for sixty-five to seventy selections, and on occasions races were running five minutes apart.

I personally think this makes trading manually in the manner described on the website to be very difficult if not impossible. It could be that you trade for a few races to attain the three points of profit recommended, but one could be trading in this manner all day, and potentially not achieve the target all day.

Sid wants to have these selections traded manually, which I totally respect his wishes to do so, but at this stage, the service will have be given a neutral rating as I am unable to determine its profitability due the way that the selections are traded.

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