I am going to be looking at the Club.tv offering from UK Horse Racing.tv.

This is a Horse Racing (UK and IRE) selection service. Selections for the day are downloaded from a members area as an excel spreadsheet. It therefore follows that you must have Excel, or be able to read Excel files.

The site is designed for you to use the provided selections manually. However, due to other demands on my time, I am not going to be able to do this on a regular basis. No fear though, UK Horse Racing.tv interfaces with Betting Assistant to place the bets for you (aka The CAT). The site does warn that this is not ideal, so I will try to use the selections manually where possible, using The CAT to place the bets. The setup guide on the website is very thorough, so no problems in getting this to work.

I have set CAT to 95%, effectively looking for the selection to win, with a small insurance lay just in case!

Further I am only looking for a 3% profit target after commission, and once reached I will stop for the day. 3% with compounding doubles your bank every 24 days (I read somewhere). 100 > 200 > 400 > 800 and so on becomes decent money quite quickly. I have set the stop loss to 15% of bank; hopefully we won’t hit that too often. We are looking at long-term bank growth, so the occasional losing day I can handle. Other settings are more or less the CAT defaults.

I will look to update the blog weekly and will start with a £100 bank.