Final Review

G’day all, we have now come to the end of our 90 day trial for UK Racing Lays (UKRL) which we started on 20/07/13 and I have to say I’ve been very pleased with the overall performance of this service. We have finished with a total of 84.34 points and after taking away our starting bank of 50 points, the service has shown a profit of 34.34 points, which is a very impressive result for a system that only uses level stakes. I have allowed for Betfair commissions of 5% in this final figure but not the monthly subscription fee of £39.95.

The service is managed by Tipster Warehouse who operate a professional service, all the selections arrive by email a few hours before racing starts and the layout is easy to understand, you will also receive an email even if there are no selections for that day, this happened once during the trial. The vendor recommends using a bot to place the bets as there are only two simple rules to follow:

1)    Do not bet if the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) of any advised bet is over the odds of 8.

2)    Do not bet if the total number of runners is less than 6.

These rules can easily be set into a bot, I also had my bot set to place the bets 5 seconds before the off,  as we know the odds change rapidly a couple of minutes before the start of the race and I found this could give you different results to what is shown on the UKRL website.

The following results are for the total 90 days of the trial 20/07/13 – 17/10/13:

Total Number Of Trial Days: 90

Starting Bank: 50 Points

Total Number Of Selections: 289

Total Wins (Horse Lost): 158

Total Lost (Horse Wins): 36

Number Below Min/Runners: 13

Number Over Max/Odds (I have also included N/R’s): 82

Finishing Points: 84.34

Profit: 34.34 Points

Monthly Average: 11.45 points


This service delivers exactly what it says on the website which mentions they designed the system to achieve a monthly minimum profit of 10 points and as we can see they have been able to do that on level stakes. We were never really at risk, we did have losing days and our 50 point starting bank did reach 42.67 in the early days, but the system recovered and maintained a steady profit. Maybe, with the right progressive staking perhaps you can increase the profit margin, but that’s another trial. Also, this service is a clickbank product and a sixty day refund period is available should you decide it’s not for you. I have no hesitation in giving UK Racing Lays a “Passed” rating.

You can subscribe to UK Racing Lays here: