G’day all, this is my second UK Racing Lays (UKRL) update for the month of August and what a excellent month it’s been for this service.

We started the trial on 20th July and our 50 point starting bank had decreased to 44.51 points by the end of that month, but August saw our bank leap up finishing the month on 72.37 points, an impressive result.

The results below are for the period 01/08/13 – 31/08/13 and we are following 2 rules:

1. Do not bet if the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) of any advised bet is over the odds of 8.00.
2. Do not bet if the total number of runners is less than 6.

Also, we are laying all selections to Level Stakes.

August Starting Bank: 44.51 Points

Total Number Of Selections: 142

Total Wins (Horse Lost): 83

Total Lost (Horse Wins): 19

Number Below Min / Runners: 9

Number Over Max. Odds: 31 (I have also included N/R’s in this figure)

Current Bank 31/08/13: 72.37 Points

The emails with the selections arrived on time, even if there are no bets for that day. Being in Australia I use a bot to place the bets, as the UK racing runs at night, my time.

I will look at posting my next update mid September.