G’day all, Ken here with my first update for UK Racing Lays (UKRL).

A quick recap, UKRL is a monthly UK horse racing subscription service, offering selections, by daily email, to lay on the Betfair betting exchange, using level stakes.

There are only 2 rules to follow –
1. Do not bet if the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) of any advised bet is over the odds of 8.00.
2. Do not bet if the total number of runners is less than 6.

The service was launched by publisher Tipster Warehouse in February 2013 and for the first five months of operation shown reasonable profits each month of between 10 – 46 points. We began our trial on the 20/07/13 with a recommended starting bank of 50 points.

I’m afraid July was not a good month for UKRL, the service finished the month with its first lost of -1.12 points, certainly not a bank breaker and I would be surprised if any service never shown a lost. As most of the losers were in the second half of the month, my bank suffered a little more finishing on 44.51 points, a lost of -5.49 points. The figures shown below are from 20/07 – 31/07.

Starting Bank:  50 pts    

Total Number of Selections: 34    

Total Wins:  16 (Horse Lost)

Total Losses:  6 (Horse Wins)

Number Below Min/Runners:  2 (After N/R’s)

Number over Max/Odds:  10

Current Bank:  44.51 pts

After a couple of weeks with this service, I do have a couple of concerns; firstly on Wednesday 30/07 I did not receive an email with the selections at the usual time. After the days racing had started I sent an email to the tipster, using the “contact us page” on the website, asking if there were any selections that day or was it a no bet day. I’m afraid I haven’t received a reply yet. Secondly, for a service with one of its rules not to bet on odds over 8.00, the number of selections sent out with high odds (approx. 30%) a couple of hours before racing, where the odds to steam in under 8.00 would be difficult, I think may need looking at.

OK, let’s look forward to a profitable August, I’ll update again at the end of the month with the results.