Hopefully we are back on to a winning streak! Or, should I be saying losing streak as we are laying! It gets confusing what to say sometimes when laying but you all know what I mean. LOSING HORSES = WINNING MONEY!!
Yesterdays Results including Odds and Stake
3.20 SAN Shaker 5.7 £0.67 LOST
3.55 SAN Shela House 9.4 £0.45 LOST
6.40 FOL Jalamid 8 £0.45 LOST
 Profit for the Day:  £1.50
Profit for the Month: £2.41
% Bank Profit for the Month: 2.31
No. of Bets: 28 – No. of Winning Bets (Losers): 25 – Overall Strike Rate: 89.29