Typical! I usually don’t run this system at the weekends but yesterday I was able to and I was hoping to catch up and make a little profit from the previous losses. Look what happened, 3 winners out of 4 races! That doesnt happen very often when backing! This is our worse day so far on this test. The bank is has now got some serious catching up to do.
Yesterdays Results including Odds and Stake
1.40 ASC Visit 3.95 £0.67 WON
2.00 CAR Blackat Blackitten 9.6 £0.45 WON
3.00 CAR Local Poet 3.6 £0.67 LOST
4.00 ASC Alo Pura 4.8 £0.67 WON 
Profit for the Day:  -£7.77
Profit for the Month: -£9.12
% Bank Profit for the Month: -8.75
No. of Bets: 38 – No. of Winning Bets (Losers): 30 – Overall Strike Rate: 78.95