Another, another disappointing day! Yesterday, I decided not to lay in any races with under 10 horses. It didnt help.
I just looking back on my selections and have realised that this would be an excellent backing system. Just look at some of the prices 4.6, 9.8, 5.5, 3.7, 4.8, 9.6, there was even a 10.0 on the 25th July.
What I might do for a laugh is at the end of the test is work out what I may have made (or lost) if I would have backed these selections. If it works out profitable I may carry on paper trading for a coupe of months and give the system a name. What about this for a name:- These donkeys are supposed to lose but they end up winning instead system?
Yesterdays Results including Odds and Stake
2.35 BEV Doon Haymer 7.4 £0.67 LOST
4.00 GOO Fleeting Spirit 9.8 £0.42 WON
5.05 GOO Shallal 4.6 £0.67 WON
6.30 PER Pouilly 4.7 £0.67 LOST 
Profit for the Day:  -£4.84
Profit for the Month: -£16.87
% Bank Profit for the Month: -16.17
No. of Bets: 47 – No. of Winning Bets (Losers): 35 – Overall Strike Rate: 74.47