Well, this system does certainly throw up a few selections a day. Yesterday there were 14 bets. There were a couple of discrepancies i.e. one of the last filters for selecting a bet is to lay the horse with the lowest OR (Official Rating on Racing Post) when choosing between two horses, but sometimes a horse doesnt have an OR and the instructions doesnt explain what to do is this situation. There was also another circumstance similar to this. Anything I wasnt sure about I decided to play it safe and call it a no bet. 

I have to say if your one of these people who like to go through the cards in 5 minutes to find your selections you wont like this system. It took me nearly two hours! I sure I was a bit slow and I hope I get faster at it but it does take a while and it’s best to split the screen into two windows. Betfair on the left and Racing Post on the right as you need to scan back and fourth between the two. Anyway, youre probably all saying, “Yes, yes André, whatever just give us the results”. Well I not gonna list all the bets like I usually do, I’ll just state how many bets there were and the profit/loss for the day and the overall profit/loss for the month. I starting with a bank of just £100.   

Yesterdays Results 

14 bets:- 3 winners. 11 losers 

Profit for the Day:- £1.76 

Profit for the Month:- -£1.76 

% Bank Profit for the Month:- -1.76