Well, Ive managed to speed up a bit. Yesterday to go through all the cards it took me ONLY 1hr 15mins! Lol! However, look at the results. I bet all you layers wish you had results like this every day. An almost perfect day. The only winning horse was Nimra at the 3.30 WAR and this horse was at odds of 7.2. There were 3 bets that I placed the maximum amount (using the stacking plan, there are 3 levels of stakes depending on the odds). These were Sixties Icon at the 3.10 NEW with odds of 3.35, Pampas at the 6.20 FOL with odds of 2.52, and Crossing The Line at the 8.20 FOL with odds of 3.15. These 3 horses were the most likely winners of the day and gladly they all lost. A good day for the bank.   🙂

 Oh, Ive added the overall strike rate to the results.   

Yesterdays Results 

22 bets: 1 winner. 21 losers 

Profit for the Day: £7.68 

Profit for the Month: £5.92 

% Bank Profit for the Month: 5.92 

Overall Strike Rate: 88.89%