Ive posted todays results early.  I know I normally do it the day after but I gonna be in a rush in the morning. After yesterdays excellent results a disappointing day today. An hour and half it took me to do only to lose. Dam!
I was thinking of maybe on Monday only betting in the handicaps as these races are more competitive (apparently) giving the selections a better chance of losing. However, looking back on the last three days, out of the 10 winners only 3 of them were non-handicaps so I’d actually be better avoiding handicaps. Proves my theory of avoiding handicaps in general, Graham.   🙂  I’ll start this on Monday and see what happens, plus it will keep the selection process considerably down.
Todays Results
31 bets: 6 winners. 25 losers
Profit for the Day: -£1.61
Profit for the Month: £4.31
% Bank Profit for the Month: 4.31
Overall Strike Rate: 85.07