Yesterday I managed to get on the internet about midday to run this system. I was very quick as there werent many races and I was eliminating handicaps, using my new rule. Haydocks meeting was easy as it was all handicaps so I didnt look at one race there. I using a couple of other filters, which I’ll reveal if they work, which are not stated in the instructions. The manual does seem a little vague in places and I think it’s just a case of using ones own initiative. Ive started all figures again and I will extend the test date to 14th August to give it a full month with these new parameters.   

Ive started with the bank I was at: £104.31   

Yesterdays Results 

1 bets: 0 winners. 1 loser 

Profit for the Day: £0.40 

Profit for the Month: £0.40 

% Bank Profit for the Month: 0.38 

Overall Strike Rate: 100.00