Well, my new selection process seems to have done quite the opposite to when I first started using this system. What I mean is to begin with I was getting 20+, even 30 bets a day, now I only getting 1 or 2. It’s only been two days but the results are good so far. I’d rather have less bets, take less time to find those bets and have a higher strike rate. Wouldnt you?  

As there isnt many selections, I’ll start posting them as well. 
Yesterdays Results including Odds and Stake  

7.20 WOL Shabnaam 9.8 £0.42 Lost
7.50 WOL Mind The Style 6.2 £0.63 Lost

Profit for the Day: £0.99
Profit for the Month: £1.39
% Bank Profit for the Month: 1.33
No. of Bets: 3 – No. of Winning Bets (Losers): 3 – Overall Strike Rate: 100.00