Our first winning horse yesterday since starting with my new rules. However, the other three horses lost so not a massive disaster. In fact the loss was exactly the same as the amount won on Monday. So, out of the three days we are still a massive 40p up. Cool!
Yesterdays Results including Odds and Stake
2.30 BRI Oh So Saucy 7 £0.63 LOST
6.25 YAR Determind Stand 8 £0.42 LOST
6.45 KEM Desert Dreamer 3.45 £1.06 WON
7.55 YAR Samira Gold 5.9 £0.63 LOST

Profit for the Day:  -£0.99
Profit for the Month: £0.40
% Bank Profit for the Month: 0.38
No. of Bets: 7 – No. of Winning Bets (Losers): 7 – Overall Strike Rate: 85.71