UK Wise Lays – Overall Review   

Well, if I had three hands I’d have to give this system triple thumbs down. Not just because it gave a return of -18.01% on the betting bank, in fact that it is the last reason. The system is very badly written, almost as if the person writing it cant speak good English. There are lots of what if scenarios that it just doesnt cover, and I mean lots. I could list them but Ive decided there is no need coz I gonna advise everyone not to buy this system. On top of all that it takes ages to do the analysing of the races. If you can remember in the first few days of the test it was taking me well over an hour a day and on one day it took 1hr 40mins. I added in some filters to be a bit more selective on the type of races I was gonna bet on but it is still a fairly slow process.   

Interestingly, Ive re-done the test but backing the selections, again using my own filters and have had amazing results (or should I say would have). The results are not quite accurate coz Ive used the laying odds but it gives us an idea. I used 10% of my bank to stake on each selection unless I had a losing day I would stay on the current stakes until the loss was recovered. After 30 days, the betting bank would have been up 150%. The last two days all horses lost so the bank took a big hit. Before these two days it was up an amazing 740%. Sounds like a juicy system right? However, the first few days there was only one winner and the bank took a massive beating. In fact it went down to -187.73%, then I had one winning day and I was in profit. Bizarre! The strike rate is a bit pants, only 22.73% when backing but coz of the high odds thats why the large profits. So maybe Ive created a low strike rate but high odds system giving big returns. I gonna continue testing with this backing but paper trading coz I think it’s gonna be a roller coaster of a system with regards to the bank.

Happy betting everyone!   🙂


This system is no longer available: