Hello All.   

I going to be testing a new system starting today called UK Wise Lays. It’s from an author Ive not heard from before so it should be interesting. It’s a laying system, in case you cant guess from the title of the system, that seems to produce many selections a day and apparently takes about 30 – 45 minutes a day to find these selections which can all be placed at once which I pleased about. So that means there is no chasing loses stacking plan and I don’t have to wait 5 minutes before the off to place a bet. Just place all the bets and then come back in the evening to see what my returns are.   

There is a stacking plan for the amount bet depending on the odds and the system does take bets up to 9/1 (10.00 on Betfair) which could be scary but looking at the website past results one winner will/should be recovered by the amount of losers.   

I will be running the test for 30 days Mon – Fri. I do place bets with my other systems Sat & Sun but for laying I like to wait until there is a few quid in the market on Betfair as this affects the prices, which I usually do around lunchtime. Unfortunately this is not possible at the weekends. Lets see how I get on.