Amanda O’Brien’s Ultimate Ebay Success System
Review by Maurice Criddle

Anyone who has ever searched the internet for information on setting up an Ebay business will know that there are a huge number of systems and courses out there. They all apparently claim to make you vast sums of money without any effort or outlay and more often than not turn out to be a very basic introduction. So whilst this product may not be in the normal range of systems reviewed in this blog, I feel many members may be interested in what turns out to be a very interesting package.

After Ordering the course it arrived 2 days later by recorded mail. The package consists of 2 Manuals and 7 discs contained in attractive outer packaging. The author is Amanda O’Brien, a successful ebay powerseller who consistently makes 60k plus annually running a part time mail order business. Amanda suggests reading the manuals first, so I will start my review there.

The first Manual is entitled ‘Start-Up Guide to eBay Success’ and consists of 126 pages. I am not the best person in the world when it comes to manuals, usually preferring to skip them entirely, but I found this an easy read. Amanda makes good use of spacing, illustrations and screenshots to keep the reader engaged. Like the rest of the course, this introduction places heavy emphasis on the importance of a positive mental attitude and does a good job of motivating you to continue through any difficult sections. One point of note to readers on this blog is chapter 13, which deals with tax implications. Unlike betting systems, running an eBay business will attract attention from the tax man, especially if you are successful! I completed this first manual in two sessions and was hungry to get started on the second.

The main course manual is simply entitled ‘Ultimate eBay Success System’. The 240 pages are broken down into 5 sections which cover Market Research, Sourcing products, Writing good eBay listings, Increasing traffic to your listings and the final section is a real goldmine, containing supplier information and insider tips on how to build up contacts and protect yourself from fraudsters and sharks. Once again the manual is easy to read and uses plenty of illustrations to help get points across.

The final part of the package is a set of discs which offer video presentations going into more detail about the techniques and systems discussed in the manuals. The discs took a minute or two to load on my computer which was disconcerting, but once loaded the video played just fine.

Essentially the discs are lectures by Amanda, accompanied by powerpoint style pictures. When discussing the use of software and internet resources she takes you through the exact processes required click by click. The lectures are broken down into the same categories as the second manual and I found it helpful to review the manual after watching each video just to reinforce what I had seen. Presentation was clear but I found myself drifting off now and then because there was not a lot going on in front of me. Nonetheless the information got through somehow and by the end of it all I felt confident about moving on to actually making use of all my new-found knowledge.

As a confirmed eBayophobe and all round cynic I had expected not to get too much out of this course but I have now set up shiny new eBay and Paypal accounts and feel enthusiastic about getting started on my new project. I have the advantage of some business background, and existing contacts with suppliers but this package impressed me with the amount of information it supplied for the price. If you wanted to hire an advisor to help you get started in business you would not get anything like as much for the money as Amanda has supplied here. I am confident that anyone following her advice would rapidly recoup their outlay and more within a relatively short time.

All in all then, a definite thumbs up from me, and given that the author offers a no quibble money back guarantee, it’s hard to see why anyone with the slightest interest in making money from eBay would not give this a try.

You can try the Ultimate eBay Success System here: