This is the third and final monthly review of Ultimate Index trading and covers the month of June.

So without further ado the figures for the month ended up as set out below:


NZDCAD LONG 9040 8780 260 T1 9380 -260 Stopped Out
AUDUSD LONG 7660 7580 80 T1 7770 0 Cancelled
EURUSD LONG 10940 10820 120 T1 11240 0 Cancelled
AUDUSD LONG 7695 7620 75 T1 7680 -75 Stopped Out
USDJPY SHORT 123.7 124.3 60 T1 123.00 -60 Stopped Out
EURAUD LONG 14595 14480 115 T1 14800 -115 Stopped Out
GBPUSD LONG 15285 15220 65 T1 15460 175 HIT TARGET


Unfortunately June has ended up with a loss and following the loss carried forwards from May of some 420 pips brings the 3 month trial period to a close with a loss of 755 pips.

When reviewing FX trading it should be borne in mind that it trading is a long term affair and a losing month should not be treated as an indication that a system or method is a failure. However this is the second month on the trot that the advice has led to losses and at the price being charged per month and the sums required to invest per pip to cover that charge and make a profit this has not been a happy period for the service.

Of course there has been quite a bit of volatility in the markets in the last 3 months most especially with the problems in the Eurozone facing Greece, the run up to elections in the UK and a myriad of other problems around the world. There will always be something somewhere disturbing the currency markets and the whole purpose of paying expert traders is of course to avoid losses that an amateur might run up. Ultimate Index Traders have not managed to justify their charges and live up to their title during this trial.

Based on the performance during the 3 month period the service must be considered a Fail.

You can try Ultimate Index Trading here:Failed


UPDATE February 2016

Since my 3 month trial of Ultimate Index Trading which ended on 30 June 15 with a loss of 755 pips and was classified as a FAIL the team behind the service have tweaked the parameters employed across the different currency pairs and have produced an addition to the service called Cobra.

I have continued to receive daily since the trial ended their briefs on which trade set ups they advise to enter.

A quick recap,the service provides a daily report on potential trade set ups with Entry level, Stop Loss and now with the addition of Cobra a tighter stop and two Target Profits -the lower on Target 1 corresponding to the original Ultimate Trades and the larger Target 2 corresponding to the Cobra set up. Therefore no prior knowledge of FX markets is required other than an ability to operate a computer and set up MT4 Charts and open a broker account.The fee is still set at £79.95 per month although there is an introductory offer of £29.95 for the first month.

So to the results for the service since June 15 through to end Dec 15 as follows:-

JULY 2015 283 578
AUGUST 2015 51 631
SEPTEMBER 2015 170 -60
OCTOBER 2015 -29 586
NOVEMBER 2015 -173 37
DECEMBER 2015 63 58
TOTAL -360 1830


So taking into account the loss of 755 pips at the end of June 15 the larger gains obtained by utilising the Cobra Target 2 would have wiped out the losses and produced a net gain of some 1075 pips.

To make financial sense of this service I would suggest that a trading bank of £10,000 would be required assuming that say 2% of the trading bank was employed per entry to cope with the periods where a user may have up to 4 or more trades open and running at the same time and thus the bank will need to be able to cover the potential sum of the Stop Losses in play.

Since the turn of the year January 2016 results were as follows:-


Quarter Pair Direction Entry Stop Loss Risk Target 1 Target 2 Result T1 Result T2 Note
Q1* AUDNZD Short 1.0750 1.0786 36 1.0645 1.0545 -36 -36
Q1* EURJPY Short 128.45 128.83 38 127.50 126.25 -38 -38
Q1* NZDCAD Short 0.9220 0.9266 46 0.9120 0.8945 -46 -46
Q1 NZDCHF Short 0.663 0.6732 102 0.6180 NA -102 -102
Q1 EURUSD Long 1.087 1.0788 82 1.1500 NA -82 -82
Q1 GBPUSD Short 1.462 1.476 140 1.395 NA 224 224 Active
Q1 USDCAD Long 1.4035 1.395 40 1.4295 NA -40 -40
Q1 AUDNZD Short 1.089 1.06 290 1.101 NA 290 290
Q1 AUDCAD Short 0.989 0.996 70 0.96 NA 0 0
Q1 EURUSD Long 1.095 1.0915 35 1.107 NA 100 100
Q1 results 270 270

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